Business documents

Business documents ensure consistent visual representation and branding across all communication materials used by WUSTEC company.

Business card

Business documents

Regular version EU: 85 x 55 mm

Paper recommendation:
300 g/m² Eminent (FSC) bright white

Text blocks are always aligned at the bottom and vary in height (measurements in mm).

  1. LogoWUSTEC logo 30.8 mm in width
  2. HighlightsName Helvetica Neue Bold, 9 pt / Address Helvetica Neue Bold, 7 pt
  3. Body textHelvetica Neue Light, 7 pt
  4. Blank linesThe text block consisting of name and title is spaced away from the contact details by at least one blank line
  5. QR code23 mm in width, dark gray
  6. ElementElement “Welcome to the Komax Group”