Graphics help to convey our message simply and consistently.



Cirris documents sometimes utilize instructional illustration aids. These drawings have three styles: detailed, simple, and schematic.

Detailed drawings

Detailed drawings provide a “zoomed-in” look at the subject and require a level of detail to communicate the intended message. Note that illustrations of products should never be used in place of product photography.

Simple drawings

Simple drawings use abstract and iconographic representations of products and components for when a high-level view of the subject is all that is required. Simple drawings utilize solid colors and rounded corners.

Schematic illustrations

Schematic illustrations are basic line drawings used to demonstrate wiring schematics, test nets, and test processes. These are characterized by simple black line art, schematic symbology, and text, with minimal use of color.



The Hexcube and Schematic seamless repeating patterns may be used sparingly over solid background colors and gradients to add character to large areas of color. The patterns should use a blend mode and/or opacity that does not distract from the overall design.