The personality of the Schleuniger brand can be seen, felt and experienced in the architecture.

Greater distance

The two-color logo without the subline A Komax Company is used in applications that require recognition from a greater distance, e.g. on buildings or flags. The logo is an illuminated font made up of individually produced letters (no illuminated board).

Short distance

The logo with the subline A Komax Company is used in close proximity, for example: entrance area/reception. All entrances are labeled with an outdoor panel or a column. The size of the board is adapted to the space available on the facade. The columns measure 80 cm × 180 cm (3" x 7"). 


The reception area should be spacious, classy and inviting. The Schleuniger logo is placed in two colors on a dark wall behind the reception counter. Warm interior colors that fit the brand help to create an inviting atmosphere. The reception area can also be complemented with wall-sized emotional branding.

Welcome wall or freestanding display

Next to the three-dimensional Schleuniger logo, the welcome wall presents the Komax Group product brands. The product brands are placed in the following order: Komax, Schleuniger, adaptronic, Cirris, DiIT, WUSTEC.

If there is no available wall space or the wall surface is not suitable for displaying logos, the product brands can be presented on a freestanding display like in Thun.