Business documents

Our brand's essence permeates every business document, from business cards to letterheads, through a consistent visual identity. This enhances brand recognition and fosters trust among our clients and associates.

Business letters

Business documents

US letter 8.5" x 11"

The logo is placed in the top right-hand corner, the details of the legal entity appear bottom left (measurements in inches).

  1. Logo1.3" in width
  2. Business detailsPrint: Helvetica Neue Light, 8/9.5 pt; Company name, bold. MS Office templates: Arial Light, 8/9.5 pt; Company name, bold.
  3. Sample letter

Business card

Business documents

US 3.5" x 2"

On business cards, the logo is placed in the top left-hand corner. Text blocks are always aligned at the bottom and vary in height (measurements in inches). 

  1. LogoCirris logo 1" in width
  2. HighlightsName Helvetica Neue Bold, 9 pt / Address Helvetica Neue Bold, 7 pt
  3. Body textHelvetica Neue Light, 7 pt
  4. Blank linesThe text block consisting of name and title is spaced away from the contact details by at least one blank line
  5. ElementElement “Welcome to the Komax Group”
  6. QR code1" in width, dark gray


Business documents

US #10 envelope

The logo is placed on the front of the envelope, in the top left-hand corner, with the address to the right of the logo.

  1. Logo35 mm in width (35% of digital artwork file)
  2. AddressHelvetica Neue Bold/Light, 8/9.5 pt; Company name in bold


Business documents

The elements in the e-mail are spaced away from each other by one blank line. Please insert two lines at the end of the body text.

  1. TextArial, 10 pt
  2. HighlightsArial Bold, 10 pt
  3. Logo120 px in width