Frutiger is the corporate font of Schleuniger. It is open, dynamic and corresponds to the Schleuniger logo and company philosophy. 



Corporate typeface

Frutiger 45 Light and Frutiger 65 Bold are the only styles used in communications. 

System font

For compatibility reasons, the system fonts Arial Regular and Bold are used for MS Office programs.



Several style formats have been defined as part of the Schleuniger corporate identity. If any of them are applied to a dark background, text should appear in white instead of black to retain full legibility.

  1. LogoSchleuniger_Komax_Company_color_cmyk
  2. HeadlineFrutiger LT Com 65 Bold, black
  3. LeadFrutiger LT Com 65 Bold, black
  4. Copy TextFrutiger LT Com 45 Light
  5. BulletsEn dashes in the bulleted style, orange
  6. ClaimTo Be Precise.

Note: Please do not mix the font styles of different brands. For example, the cut font style of Komax should never be used with the Schleuniger brand.