The Schleuniger logo is comprised of a square and Frutiger font.



The lettering may be used in positive or negative. When used in color, the square is always orange. Please see comments below on the use on each logo variant. 



Clear zone

To give maximum effect to the Schleuniger logo, minimum spacing is necessary between the logo and other text, design elements (images, graphics, etc.) and the logo and the edge of the respective communication medium.

Minimum size

The minimum spacing is equal to the width of the logo square.



Slogan placement and size

⁠The same applies to the slogan as to the logo: A minimum spacing must be kept to other elements and to the edges of the respective communication medium. This spacing is identical to the minimum spacing around the logo. The slogan should be equal to the text in the logo (Schleuniger).

The slogan is not part of the logo and should never be placed immediately beneath the logo.


Logo & slogan

⁠Whenever possible, the logo should be positioned in the top right corner of a publication page (see examples for use). Pragmatic exceptions, for example through media-specific or mail requirements (e.g. envelope, address label, machine processing), are of course still possible.

If the slogan is on the page of a communication medium which has no logo, for example on the back cover of a brochure, the logo on the front page of the publication is used for the calculation.

If the logo and slogan are on the same page of a communication medium, e.g. on job ads, the width of the slogan should be equal to the text in the logo (Schleuniger). Whenever possible, a position at the bottom edge and right-justified with the logo is preferred. 



File names


Digital artwork files of the Schleuniger logo are available for all reproduction environments. These must be used for all applications in order to ensure accurate representation.

Refer to the following diagram for clarification of the file-naming convention.



The print files provide the highest quality of the Schleuniger logo in print context. ⁠The screen artwork is adjusted for display of the logo on the web as well as in presentations, images and video clips.