The Cirris logo is the cornerstone of the Cirris brand. It is comprised of the Cirris logotype and the Komax tagline.



The standard Cirris logo is Cirris Red, with the A Komax Company subline in gray, on a white background. The registered trademark symbol should be included unless the logo is displayed smaller than 1.5” or 125px width at which point the ® may be omitted.

See below for the usage of additional logo variants.

Special application processes


Use vector artwork files for processes such as embossing and engraving. The logo may also be embroidered onto fabrics.



Clear zone

The clear zone is the minimum amount of space around the logo into which no other element should infringe. This exclusion space extends out all sides of the logo and is equal to the height of the letters in the Cirris logo at the size it is displayed.

Minimum size

The minimum approved reproduction size of the Cirris logo is 1.25 inches with the subline. Use the logo without the tagline if it is reproduced smaller than 1.25 inches. The minimum reproduction size of the logo without the tagline is 0.75 inches.



The logo should be placed in a corner. The design grid and application size of the logo define the margin of the design item.



File names


Digital artwork files of the Cirris logo are available for all reproduction environments and must be used for all applications in order to ensure accurate representation. Do not alter these files or convert them into other formats.

Refer to the following diagram for clarification of the file naming convention.



The print files provide the highest quality of the Cirris logo in print context. ⁠The screen artwork is adjusted for display of the logo on the Web as well as in presentations, images, and video clips. ⁠Use the files under MS Office for artwork with your MS Office programs.