Banners not only communicate Komax’s offerings but also increase brand awareness. Therefore, it is important to always consider the following elements.



Basic elements

  1. Picture shapeProducts depicted in online banners are always shown in their factory environment.
  2. Text shapeThis shape with multiply effect overlaps with the picture shape and is placed on the right-hand side of the banner. In extreme portrait formats, the shape may run over the product as long as it remains clearly visible.
  3. HeadlineThe main terms are set larger than the rest of the message.
  4. Product nameHelvetica Neue Bold; set the product name in upper case, the addition in lower case.
  5. LogoIdeally, the two-color logo is placed in the bottom right-hand corner, on a white segment. It can be moved to another bottom corner in extreme portrait banners, as long as the logo appears on white and its clear zone is respected.

Design grid

  1. LogoThe size of the logo depends on the available white space. Be sure to scale it appropriately while respecting its clear zone and the outer margins of the banner.
  2. Outer margins1/5 of the width of the logo defines the outer margins around the banner. A long product name may run slightly over, provided sufficient space is retained at the edge of the banner.
  3. HeadlineHelvetica neue Bold, upper case. Use two font sizes: The small characters are half the size of the large letters.