Fashion conveys the values and branding of Schleuniger. It ensures a unified public image. Schleuniger fashion fosters a sense of identification with the company.




The Schleuniger logo is always placed on the chest on the left-hand side and on the right sleeve. The orange and white logo without the subline “A Komax Company” should be used.

Logo size

The Schleuniger logo has the size of 85 mm in width on the chest and 75 mm on the sleeve.

Logo color

The logo should be printed or stitched in orange and white. 


RGB 242 / 140 / 0

PMS 144 C

HEX f28c00


RGB 246 / 246 / 246

PMS White C

HEX f6f6f6

Clothing colors

Schleuniger clothing is always in the colors black and blue. The service technicians use the black polo shirts. In the assembly, the blue shirts and polo shirts are used.


There should be no branding elements — either Schleuniger or designer logos — on the back of t-shirts, polo shirts or vests.

Stitching and printing

For printing and stitching on the fabric, the defined Pantone® colors apply.

Fabric colors

For the fabric, color options include mid blue, dark blue and black.


RGB 0 / 0 / 0

PMS Black C

HEX 000000


RGB 19 / 41 / 75

PMS 2767

HEX 13294b

Basic workwear



Polo shirts

Trade fairs


Fashion at trade fairs

⁠The Komax Group dress code is used for events and trade fairs. Details can be found on the Komax Group fashion page.

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