Schleuniger produces data sheets and other product communications, but rarely brochures. The focus is on digital media such as the content hub and website.

Data sheets

The emphasis is on a well-summarized data sheet for the product. It should only contain more than two pages in exceptional cases. The professional image of the product as well as all important technical details are implemented in the same placement and size for all data sheets.

The front

A standardized design grid has been developed to ensure that the appearance of all data sheets is consistent.

Front side

  1. Schleuniger logoThe cover image reflects the data sheet content.
  2. Product photoProduct shots are always placed on a dark background.
  3. Product nameFrutiger LT Com 65 Bold, 20 pt
  4. Product descriptionFrutiger LT Com 65 Bold, 12 pt
  5. USPsFrutiger LT Com 45 Light, 10 pt
  6. Product categoryFrutiger LT Com 45 Light, 57 pt

The back

Back side

  1. Model numberFrutiger LT Com 45 Light, 27 pt
  2. ConceptFrutiger LT Com 65 Bold/45 Light, 8 pt
  3. Detail photosDetail photos of the product
  4. Technical dataFrutiger LT Com 65 Bold/45 Light, 7 pt
  5. Responsible location & © (copyright)Frutiger LT Com 65 Bold/45 Light, 7 pt
  6. Schleuniger claimTo Be Precise.
  7. Production & market location contactsFrutiger LT Com 65 Bold/45 Light, 7 pt