Brand spaces

The visual appearance of the Komax Group can be seen, felt and experienced in the brand space.

Basic elements

Brand spaces

The visual appearance of the Komax Group becomes visible, tangible, and experiential within the branded environment. This spatial representation reflects a high-quality appearance.

Trade fair booth

At trade fair booths, the group experience is amplified through a common roof, with carpet flooring enhancing the inviting and warm atmosphere. A parquet floor is featured in the meeting zone, setting it somewhat apart from the technical level. Corridors and spaces are designed generously, narrating stories and inviting further exploration.


The white Komax logo is at the core of our visual presence and should be displayed prominently and on a large scale. The logo is crafted from high-quality materials. Where possible, the white logo is implemented in a three dimensional and backlit format to accentuate its significance.

Product brands

The product brands play a crucial role in the group’s appearance. They are presented in the following order: Komax, Schleuniger, adaptronic, Cirris, DiIT, WUSTEC. The product brands fall under the umbrella of the Komax Group and are presented in white against a copper-toned backdrop. Given their close proximity to the Komax Group, the byline “A Komax Company” is purposefully excluded.

Hospitality area

The hospitality area serves as the reception and information hub, where visitors and guests are welcomed. A copper-colored headline welcomes arrivals with the message, “Welcome to the Komax Group.” The product brands are displayed in color against a white background.

Product zone

The market and technological leadership of the Komax Group is showcased within the product zone, making our competencies perceptible. The product zone is conceived to be open and inviting. Products are showcased on a dark brown carpet, while partition walls serve to visually delineate this area from the meeting zone.

Meeting zone

The meeting zones embody the collaborative aspect of the Komax Group, welcoming visitors to embark on a shared journey of discovery. For this reason, the meeting zone is visually separated from the product area and should consistently occupy a substantial portion of the exhibit space. Designed as a lounge, this area features a bar as the centerpiece of the conversation zone. The materials chosen for this space are deliberately warm and welcoming to encourage interaction. The flooring consists of wood, complemented by fabric curtains for added ambiance. The group concept is bolstered by large group images.

Colors and materials

Brand spaces

Extra light copper

CMYK 5 / 9 / 11 / 6

RGB 233 / 223 / 217

PMS Warm Gray 1

NCS S 1502-R

HEX e9dfd9

Light copper

CMYK 10 / 17 / 22 / 12

RGB 211 / 195 / 182

PMS 406

NCS S 2005-Y80R

HEX d3c3b6


CMYK 20 / 35 / 40 / 25

RGB 168 / 139 / 122

PMS 7530

NCS S 5010-Y50R

HEX a88b7a

Mid Copper

CMYK 20 / 35 / 40 / 50

RGB 122 / 102 / 89

PMS Warm Gray 11

NCS S 6005-Y50R

HEX 7a6659

Dark copper

CMYK 20 / 35 / 40 / 70

RGB 82 / 68 / 59

PMS Black 7

NCS S 8005-Y50R

HEX 52443b

Mid mustard

CMYK 20 / 20 / 75 / 25

RGB 169 / 154 / 73

PMS 618

NCS S 1060-G90Y

HEX a99a49

Mid purple

CMYK 45 / 90 / 20 / 45

RGB 109 / 38 / 89

PMS 2623

NCS S 4050-R20B

HEX 6d2659

Mid nude

CMYK 30 / 55 / 55 / 10

RGB 171 / 118 / 101

PMS 7522

NCS S 3030-Y70R

HEX ab7665

Mid mint

CMYK 65 / 20 / 50 / 30

RGB 78 / 127 / 111

PMS 625

NCS S 5020-G10Y

HEX 4e7f6f

Mid sky

CMYK 60 / 25 / 15 / 10

RGB 107 / 151 / 177

PMS 7696

NCS S 4020-B10G

HEX 6b97b1

Mid denim

CMYK 90 / 60 / 25 / 60

RGB 15 / 45 / 72

PMS 539

NCS S 7020-R90B

HEX 0f2d48

Mid olive

CMYK 40 / 30 / 60 / 35

RGB 120 / 118 / 84

PMS 7749

NCS S 5020-G70Y

HEX 787654

Mid rock

CMYK 55 / 45 / 50 / 70

RGB 48 / 49 / 45

PMS Black 7

NCS S 7005-Y50R

HEX 30312d


Oak parquet


Aluminium, bronze

Curtains sky

Curtains denim

Lighting concept

Brand spaces

Three lighting concepts with different functions and effects are used:

Key lighting

The key lighting gives structure to the room, groups topics together and guides the visitor.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting helps to effectively present exhibits and products. To do this, we use LED lights and spots with neutral daylight that are natural and bright.

Atmospheric lighting

Atmospheric lights create certain moods and give structure to the room. Noble ceiling and floor lamps with a warm color are used for this purpose.


Brand spaces

productronica, Munich, Germany, 1,024 sqm

SPS Nuremberg, Germany / 165 sqm

Style guide

Brand spaces

A style guide will be provided for the global implementation of the new trade fair booth concept.

The style guide is for internal use only. Therefore, a password is needed to download the document. If you are eligible, you can get the password by sending an email request to Corporate Communications.