Using the brand portal

Our communication materials introduce the Komax Group to the world. It is therefore essential that all items are fully on brand and spread a clear and consistent message. Follow the guidance provided in this brand portal and develop high-quality and appealing materials.


Using the brand portal

Corporate identity

Corporate identities are about a company’s values, visions, substance and intentions. They determine to a considerable degree how the world perceives it as an employer, supplier, customer, object of investment or social partner.

Corporate design

Corporate design (CD) is the most apparent part of any corporate identity. It is the visual expression of the image and values to which a company aspires. Accordingly, to promote and strengthen our image, the corporate design guidance contained in this brand portal defines the visual style of communication of the Komax Group.


Corporate design is more than a collection of guiding principles. It is something we live by every day, and we therefore ask each one of you to not only observe this guidance at all times, but to personally strengthen our corporate image in exchange with our various stakeholders via different communication channels.

The brand portal helps users solve everyday design challenges and summarizes the parameters which we adhere to. The design examples demonstrate these principles across a number of areas of application.

By following the guidance and implementing the measures consistently across all channels, we can create a coherent brand image with the result that all our brands has an even greater impact in its respective regions and areas of business. Consistent application of these standards is critical to building a successful and sustainable future.

We thank you for your support and commitment.

Approval process

Using the brand portal

All new designs or new applications have to be channeled through the Corporate Communications Department for approval. Please follow the process described here and allow for an adequate approval time, thereby ensuring timely production. For adaptations of existing communication tools, please get in touch with your marketing communications contact person.

  1. Step 1: Create new designRespect the guidance provided in the brand portal. When developing new communication materials or new applications, please check back with the Corporate Communications Department at HQ in case of queries.
  2. Step 2: Seek approvalSubmit your designs to the Corporate Communications Department for approval; bear in mind that this step will take a few days.
  3. Step 3: Make refinementsImplement the change requests. If in doubt, liaise with the Corporate Communications Department in order to speed up the process.
  4. Step 4: Obtain final approvalFinal approval is provided by the Corporate Communications Department in writing (e-mail confirmation). Then you may start with realization.


Corporate Communications Department

Should a question arise that is not covered in this brand portal, please get in touch with the Corporate Communications Department.

Roger Müller

Vice President Investor Relations / Corporate Communications

Philippe Schär

Senior Brand Manager