Zeta 630

Zeta 630

Harness Manufacturing

  • Zeta 630

    Zeta 630

  • Zeta 630 bundler

    Zeta 630 bundler

  • Zeta 630 Wire selector

    Zeta 630 Wire selector

  • CM 1/5 GS Ferrule module

    CM 1/5 GS Ferrule module

  • Zeta 630 Wire samples

    Zeta 630 Wire samples

Economical automation of control cabinet construction

Efficient automation process

  • Manufacturing time reduced by up to 50%
  • End-to-end data flow from ECAD or DLW to the machine
  • Efficient just-in-time production from a batch of 1 and up
  • Wiring simplified by optimum wire deposit

High productivity

  • Batch or sequence production without changeovers
  • Automatic wire selector with up to 36 different cables
  • Automated marking of cable with inkjet marking
  • Processing of five different ferrules with one CM 1/5 GS module

Reliable processing of maximum quality

  • Large cross section range: 0.22 mm² to 6 mm²
  • Modules and components of premium quality
  • Consistently high quality thanks to fully automatic production

With the Zeta 630, control cabinet construction becomes an efficient, just-in-time activity. Wire processing is highly productive from a batch of 1 thanks to the economical automation process. Automated processes plus batch or sequence production without changeover shorten the manufacturing time by up to 50 percent. The automatic wire selector provides up to 36 different cables and the CM 1/5 GS module processes as many as five different ferrules. Reliable fully automatic production assures consistent high quality.

Required time reduced by up to 50 percent

Manual processes take time. The Zeta 630 reduces manual work to a minimum. It processes all required cables automatically and provides them fully equipped in the correct order and length – complete with marking and terminals. The only remaining step is to lay the cables in the control cabinet. Manual processes such as cutting to length, stripping, marking and sleeve attachment are all eliminated. 

End-to-end data flow from ECAD to the machine

Production data can be sent over the Komax interface WPCS from specific ECAD systems directly to the machine. Data can also be exported from the ECAD systems in a cut list. It is converted to readable data and imported. That eliminates the need for manually programming articles in the machine. This approach is highly efficient with batches of any size – even with a batch of 1.

Consistently high quality thanks to automation

Fully automatic production assures reproducible, continuous quality. Automated data transfer eliminates error sources because no manual entries are required to be made on the machine. Optional quality monitoring modules are available to meet the most exacting requirements.  

Wiring simplified by fully tried-and-tested deposit

Cables can be produced, sorted and bound in one process step in ideal order for subsequent wiring. The fully automatic flex bundler wire deposit simplifies and accelerates the laying of cables in the control cabinet. The batches can be taken out while production is going on. The binding method can be defined as desired for each cable depending on the production mode (batch or sequence processing).

Reliable sequence processing

Thanks to the special cutting head featuring three pairs of blades, cross sections from 0.22 mm² to 6 mm² can be processed perfectly in sequence. The top-quality, durable blades and components enable high processing speeds, which reduces throughput times accordingly.

Required materials available at any time

Control cabinet construction involves diverse variations that require many different types of materials such as wire types, terminals or ferrules. They are all available on the Zeta 630 without changeover. Up to 36 different cables from the entire cross section range are provided in the automatic wire selector. The automated marking system labels the cables in an optimum manner and the ferrule module subsequently fits them with up to five different terminals.

Innovation push for control cabinet construction: CM 1/5 GS ferrule module

The module accommodates five different ferrules on reel at the same time. The available positions can be assigned as desired and sequentially processed. This can be done over the full cross section range of 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm² and in the lengths 8 mm and 10 mm. Consequently, five different types of ferrules can be processed with great flexibility and without changeovers. The module is uniquely compact and readily accessible. No tools are needed to insert the ferrule reels and no tool change is required.

DLW - The simple alternative

In order for the control cabinet construction process to be automated, the first step is to collect the production data, including the cable length. The DLW (Digital Lean Wiring) software developed by Komax offers the ideal solution for this with its clear focus on simplicity and flexibility.

Virtual wiring

In the DLW software, the technician uses an image or a 2D drawing to wire the cables virtually on the screen. This is a highly efficient method of determining the cable length per connection. After that, the production data is converted and uploaded to the wire processing machine, which produces the ready-to install cables.

Length range with two-sided processing 240 mm – 3000 mm standard tray (9.45 in – 118 in)
240 mm – 5000 mm (9.45 in – 197 in)* (optional)
Length range with one-sided processing 85 mm – 3000 mm standard tray (3.35 in – 118 in)
85 mm – 5000 mm (3.35 in – 197 in)* (optional)
Stripping lengths Max. 25 mm (Max. 0.98 in)
Wire cross sections**
0.22 mm² – 6 mm² (AWG24 – AWG10)
Number of stations
Wire feed speed
Maximum of 10 m/s (33 ft/s)
Wire selector
Maximum of 36 cables (in increments of six cables)
Noise level
<80 dB (without crimp modules)
Electrical connection
3 × 208 V – 480 V 50/60 Hz; 3 kVA (basic machine)
Compressed-air connection
5-6 bar  (73 – 87 psi)
Air consumption
7 m³/h, (247 ft³/h) (without modules)
About 1700 kg (3748 lb)

* Wire tests at Komax Switzerland necessary
** Certain extremely hard, tough wires may not be able to be processed even if they are within the indicated cross section range. In case of doubt, we are happy to produce samples of your wires.

Technical data for CM 1/5 GS

Operating pressure
6 bar
Air consumption
0.72 l per cycle
Voltage 100 – 240 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power input 100 VA
Continuous sound pressure level ≤70 dB (A)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 260 mm × 540 mm × 490 mm
(11.4 in × 21.3 in × 19.3 in)
Weight 26.5 kg
Sleeve length 8 mm / 10 mm (0.3 in / 0.4 in)
Z+F ferrules on reel 0.5 – 2.5 mm² (AWG20 – AWG14)
Crimp shape Quadro

Cutting Cutting
Cutting pulled strands Cut pulled strands
Full stripping Full strip both sides
Half stripping Half strip both sides
Double sheath cable processing Triaxial cable
Crimping Crimping cc
Split cycle for closed barrels Split cycle both sides
Ferrule crimping Ferrule crimping
MIL crimping MIL Crimp
Wire end solidifying, splicing, welding Wire end solidifying
Inkjet marking Inkjet Zeta
Tube marking Tube marking
Sequence processing Sequence Zeta