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Software and Networking


The DLW software supports qualified personnel in preparing production data for automated prefabrication of wires in a practical and efficient manner, even from batch size 1.

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Easy virtual wire-length calculation on the basis of 2D drawings or high-resolution images

Specialists prepare all relevant wire production data in a practice-oriented manner and calculate wire length on the basis of 2D drawings or high-resolution images.

Wiring-optimized wire bundles increase wiring efficiency

The experience and know-how of specialists is needed to create wire bundles that are wire-optimized according to component-oriented criteria, and can be just as automatically manufactured and wired.

Mounting aids helps guide technicians in laying the prefabricated wires

The printed terminal markings on the prefabricated wires provide wiring information so that technicians can carry out wiring without an electrical diagram. DLW View provides even better support for the wiring process.