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Zeta 620

The Zeta 620 assembly machine provides wires on two process models fully equipped for control cabinet construction – including labeling and terminals.

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Bundling in one process step

The bundler sorts the batches and fixes the correct wires with adhesive tape in one process step. The wire bundles simplify and speed up the routing in a control cabinet.

Customization with space for two additional process modules

The Zeta 620 offers space for two process modules, which can be equipped with different combinations of ferrule modules or with a tube marking module.

Wide variety of available wires

The wide range of variants in control cabinet construction requires a large number of available wires. There are up to 24 different wires available in the automatic wire changer.

Compact device with marker integrated in the chassis

With its compact dimensions, the Zeta 620 fits into any room. The optional inkjet markers are integrated into the chassis by means of a drawer.

Virtual wiring in DLW

The user-friendly DLW (Digital Lean Wiring) software collects production data, which is an important prerequisite for the automation of control cabinet construction.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
Zeta 620 specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Shortest wire length for one-sided processing60 mm
Shortest wire length for two-sided processing240 mm
Wire length (standard tray) max.4000 mm
Strip length side 2 max.25 mm
Strip length side 1 max.25 mm
Wire outer diameter max.6 mm