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There’s always room for improvement. Would you like to know how the efficiency and productivity of your wire processing can be optimized? With the Production Analysis, you’ll find out exactly where there’s room for improvement.


Your Benefit

  • Lower costs through optimized processes

  • Fewer scrap, less waste

  • Quantifiable efficiency gains and improvement


You want to use your Komax machines and test systems as efficiently as possible. The performance of a machine depends on a variety of factors – the most important of which are operation, maintenance, logistics and quality requirements.

With a performance analysis, you’ll get an independent evaluation of your production environment. We objectively assess problems and optimization potential, identify possible improvements and work with you to develop a catalog of helpful measures.

In a second on-site examination, we evaluate the improvements and provide an assessment of productivity gains in both quantitative and qualitative terms. This service is particularly beneficial where a machine constantly runs the same process over a lengthy period of time. Operating personnel continually make slight adjustments, creating the risk that the settings will deviate more and more from the optimal, correct configuration.

Scope of services

  • On-site visit by our production experts for the initial inspection; data collection
  • Evaluation of the data and creation of an inspection report by Komax
  • Consultations regarding the inspection report and joint development of the catalog of measures (onsite or via video conference)
  • Implementation of measures
  • On-site visit by our production experts for a second inspection; data collection
  • Evaluation of the data and comparison with the first inspection; creation of the second inspection report by Komax and presentation of productivity gains
  • Consultations regarding the second inspection report (on site or via video conference)
  • Archiving of documentation and execution of any follow-up work

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