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Maintenance Services

You want certainty that your machines and test systems from Komax produce exactly the quality they promise? Or be sure that your quality testing systems reliably detect any deviations from the target and values within the tolerance? After our calibration, we confirm proper functioning with a certificate.

Calibration Komax Services

Your Benefit

  • Improved quality control

  • Traceability

  • Simplified audits


Our installation service – performed by Komax specialists on site – gives you the certainty that the product from Komax has been installed according to our specifications and thus fulfills our warranty conditions. The acceptance report acts as binding proof that the machine meets your requirements. And with the thorough instruction of your employees (in the respective local language), you’ll avoid major damage and quality issues due to improper operation.

Scope of services

  • Machine selection (including definition of the ideal machine and modules; custom development if necessary)
  • Execution of the feasibility test by Komax specialists (creation of micrographs with the crimping and twisting tests)
  • Creation of an inspection report (including list of required options and machine settings/parameters) by Komax
  • Discussion of the inspection report with the customer

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