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Wire Stripper

Sylade 7 Bench Top

The laser wire stripper Sylade 7 Bench Top securely processes twisted shielded multi-core cables with no risk of damaging the shielding or the sensitive inner core of the cable.

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High precision cut for high quality

This system provides a high-precision cut of the insulation without risk of damaging the shielding or conductor. It guarantees impeccable and 100% repeatable quality.

Fast processing of multi-conductor cables

Sylade 7 Bench Top boosts your productivity. EasyStripping software allows for continuous production without the operator manually adjusting the settings.

Easy to use thanks to stripping programs.

Operating the Sylade is safe and very simple: the operator selects a stripping program and inserts the cable. Stripping process starts automatically with a trigger sensor.

Easy article selection with barcode scanner

Selecting articles with the optional barcode scanning not only saves time but also prevents errors that can occur during manual input.

Ergonomic design for optimal productivity

With its ergonomic features, the Sylade 7 ensures precise and effortless wire stripping, enhancing overall efficiency and user satisfaction.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
Sylade 7 Bench Top specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Ambient temperature15 - 35 °C
Laser securityClass 1 laser: can be used on open workshop (no laser safety goggles required)
Strip length min.2 mm
Laser cut typeCircular
Wire outer diameter min.0.9 mm
Strip length max.200 mm