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Wire Stripper

ILC Bench Top 30/20 BTS

The versatile stripping solution ILC Bench Top is designed for demanding applications, complex wire/cable constructions, and optimized for outer diameters ranging from 8 to 20 mm.

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Processing a wide variety of wires

The high-power, stable infrared laser is capable of processing a wide range of insulation materials, including coaxial cable dielectric and multilayer composite outer jackets.

Simple set up thanks to configuration software and QR codes

EasyCutting Config software simplifies setting adjustments and enables the creation of single-cut or multi-step programs. QR codes facilitate quick program transfer.

Special features for enhanced productivity

The longitudinal slit feature on the BTS version facilitates insulation removal on challenging and complex wires and cables. The ILC is also capable of creating window strips.

Low maintenance and easy cleaning

Maintenance is limited to regular cleaning operations. All necessary tools are provided and stored in the integrated maintenance tray.

Easy to program and error-free to use

Once loaded into the ILC Bench Top unit, the programs can be selected manually or by scanning a barcode. Stripping starts automatically after the wire insertion.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
ILC Bench Top 30/20 BTS specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Ambient temperature15 - 35 °C
Laser securityClass 1 laser: can be used on open workshop (no laser safety goggles required)
Laser30-watt infrared CO2 laser
Insertion length (distance between entry point and laser cut)21 mm
Insertion length (distance between entry point and laser cut)0.83 in
Strip length min.0 mm