Software & Networking

  • MIKO

    MIKO is the real-time data interface between MES and the wire processing machines

Shop floor optimally networked with the MES

Supporting Digitalization

  • Makes the most of productivity and quality, thanks to seamless integration
  • Implements all customer-specific production workflows
  • Prevents manual data entry errors

Comprehensive documentation of quality

  • Guarantees traceability of the production process
  • Provides quality data for the optimization of each process step
  • Records all quality measurements

Greater efficiency of machinery

  • Increases output volume through the parameter specifications of the process and performance
  • Improves the Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Manufacturing Interface Komax – MIKO – is the open standard interface for data exchange on the wire processing machine. Thanks to networking with real-time information, it enables significant improvement in the productivity and quality of production. In the context of Industry 4.0, the MIKO interface maximizes process quality, ensures absolute traceability and enhances the performance of your machinery.

Open Standard Interface

The MIKO Interface is based on standardized protocols HTTP & MQTT. The Software Developer Kit (SDK) ensures an efficient and dynamic data exchange.

Intelligent data exchange

The MIKO interface enables unrestricted communication between a client and the machine with real-time data. This seamless integration allows the highest productivity and quality, and significantly improves performance.

More efficient use of machinery

The MIKO interface provides all production data for every production line. This data forms the basis for OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) analysis. Thanks to this, processes and ­machine capacity are continuously optimized. This minimizes scrap and allows the best possible quality. The result is more pro­ductive use of machinery overall.

Interface for greater process security

The MIKO interface spans the ‘final mile’ in the communication between the ME system and the ­machine. It integrates this perfectly for the implementation of any customized ­production flow – for optimal process ­security without manual entry.

Comprehensive documentation of quality

Production progress and quality can be tracked over the MIKO interface in real time. It provides all production and quality data, which allows documentation and complete traceability for quality and OEE purposes.

The interface for Industry 4.0

Control of production with ERP and MES systems is essential in order to survive in today’s market. The real-time information required for powerful networking of this sort is provided by the MIKO interface.