Consulting + Installation

Consulting + Installation

“I want expert advice”

Do you want to evaluate your processes for optimization potential and implement measures to enhance your productivity and efficiency? Or resolve problems that you have with a new wire on your old machine? Or simply have the certainty that your equipment is still running as well as it should? We can help – with our Consulting + Installation offerings.



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Consulting + Installation

Komax Inspection

I want to know the state of our equipment. I want to be sure that our machines and test systems are OK. I want to ensure ...

Komax Production Analysis

I want to maximize our productivity. I want to know ...

Komax Feasibility Test

I want to process a new wire. I want the optimal parameters ...

Komax Installation

I want expert support with installation. I want to get the most out of our machines and test systems. I want to be sure ...

Komax Acceptance Test

I want to be sure that the new system is optimally configured ...

Komax Leasing

Interested in freeing up your cash, preserving your credit lines, and accommodating ...