dps 375
40 years cutting edge

dps 375

Wire Handling

  • dps 375 Deposit system

    dps 375 Deposit system

dps 375 Deposit system

  • Reasonably-priced deposit unit
  • Mobile for convenient use in production
  • Programmable batch size sorting
  • Cable lengths up to approx. 4 m
  • Diameter range 2 – 35 mm


The variable dps 375 wire deposit system has a mobile frame and active wire ejection for process-orientated use. This model comes with programmable batch size sorting, making it the perfect companion for an automatic Kappa cut-and-strip machine of the third generation. Wires up to 3.5m in length are sorted and deposited.



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Conductor diameter max. 35mm
Conductor length approx. 150-3500mm
Compressed air connection  6bar 
Dimensions(WxHxD) 1890x1150x460mm
Weight approx. 92kg 


  dps 375
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