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  • Q1140 Spark tester

    Q1140 Spark tester

Q1140 – Spark tester

  • Increase in quality with no decrease in productivity
  • Defective insulation automatically removed
  • Even tiniest insulation errors reliably detected
  • Highly flexible in terms of conductor cross sections and insulation materials
  • Completely integrated in the Komax fully automatic wire processing machines

High voltage spark tester for fully automatic wire processing machines.


The Q1140 spark tester is a system for testing cable insulation for use on the Alpha 355, Alpha 355 S, Alpha 356, Alpha 530 and Alpha 550 fully automatic wire processing machines and on other types of machines on request. This spark tester is fully integrated in the work process. The Q1140 detects tiny needle holes or microscopic tears in the cable jacket and conductor insulation that are not visible to the naked eye.

The conductor being checked is guided through a high-voltage electrode. In conductors with damaged insulation, the voltage drops and the monitoring unit detects the error. The corresponding section of the conductor is automatically cut out without production being interrupted.

The spark tester tests cable with a maximum outside diameter of 30 mm in accordance with the international standard IEC62230 (Electric Cables – Spark Test Method).
The delivery contents include the spark tester and an integration kit for simple connection to the Komax fully automatic wire processing machines.

Cannot be used with Automatic Conductor Detector ACD.

Test voltage Preliminary setting:
5 kV version
10 kV version
Accuracy: < ± 4 %
Speed max. 40 m/s (131.2 ft/s)
Conductor diameter max. 30 mm (11.8 in)
Dimensions W × D × H  355 × 400 × 385 mm (14 × 15.75 × 15.16 in) 
Weight  approx. 25 kg (approx. 55 lb) 
Ball chain electrode  Electrode length: 40 mm (15.7 in) 
Power supply  85 – 264 V AC / 47 – 63 Hz
Power consumption max. 14 A 
Temperature range  5 – 50 °C