MicroLab 35

MicroLab 35

Quality Tools

  • MicroLab 35

    MicroLab 35

  • MicroLab 35

    No re-clamping of sample necessary

Quick and reliable quality control

Quickly in the know

  • Creates micrograph up to Ø 3 mm
  • Short throughput time of about 90 seconds for cutting and polishing
  • Precise orientation of inspection position thanks to line laser
  • Automatically adjusted feed for the cutting and polishing process
  • Cycle time can be reduced when multiple samples are processed at the same time

Perfect in terms of handling

  • Reproducible positioning and sample preparation
  • User has no influence over cutting and polishing the sample
  • Wet cutting and wet polishing processes for increasing the service life and for binding abraded material and dirt
  • Micrograph always in focus
  • No re-clamping of sample necessary

Seamless quality control is becoming an ever important factor in competition. Micrographs are indispensable in the release of new crimp terminals and tools. The MicroLab 35 micrograph laboratory is a central part of modern quality engineering.

Automated precision

MicroLab 35 is designed for the quick creation of micrographs of terminals up to a terminal diameter of 3 mm. The processing time is short thanks to the fully automatic transport system and the reliable tech­nology. The parallel processes allow one micrograph per minute to be created on a continuous basis. The sample is clamped in place quickly with laser support, so the inspection position is determined precisely. There is no re-clamping of samples – the MicroLab 35 cuts and polishes the samples automatically. As soon as the samples arrive at the evaluation unit, they undergo electrolytic cleaning – the micrograph is taken and evaluated.

SmartVision – the perfect software

The optimal software for micrograph analysis, which includes photography, measurement, evaluation and documentation, is integrated as standard.

Processing range (max. terminal Ø)
0.3 – 3.0 mm (corresponds to approx. 0.08 – 6.0 mm²)
Polishing strips Ø 200 mm, 9 grain size 9 micron
Saw blade Ø 50 mm × 0.5 mm HM
Voltage supply 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (L × W × H) 1100 × 320 × 485 mm
Weight About 90 kg