Crimp Module Analyzer
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Crimp Module Analyzer

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  • Crimp module analyzer

    Crimp module analyzer

Crimp module test unit

  • Usable on all Komax crimp modules (mci, bt)
  • Measured results of stroke stability STSA in µm
  • Functional test of the CFA system
  • Short test times
  • Clear summary report, including graphics
  • Simulator is checked to ensure it is operating correctly (internal plausibility test)


When teamed up with the well-designed Komax software, the crimp simulator allows the stability of the press stroke (STSA Stroke Stability Analysis) to be indicated in μm. The Komax CFA (Crimp Force Analysis) is monitored for correct functioning. The stability of the press is checked using a two-stage force simulator.

Clear summary report

When the measurements are finished, you can have a report generated and printed out. You can also save the measured values and reload them again later.


To carry out the tests, you need a PC or laptop with a Windows® 2000 or XP operating system and a serial interface (COM port, RS232).To ensure the accuracy of the testing equipment, you must send the test case in to Komax in Switzerland once a year for recertification.

Crimp module analyzer Crimp module analyzer

Items included in the delivery

  • Documentation in various languages
  • Installations CD
  • Adapter (serial link kit)
  • Crimp simulator set (AMP compatible)
  • Power cable- MCI cable
  • Case


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