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  • CFAlab Software

    CFAlab Software


  • Quick CFA/CFA+ analysis because results are displayed in diagram form
  • Improved understanding of crimp force analysis
  • Reduced rejects in production
  • Documented quality
  • Small investment for big benefits

Software for analysis and management of crimp force analysis CFA/CFA+

Mode of operation

The CFAlab software lets you download the important data generated with crimp force analysis CFA and CFA+ from the crimp module and analyse it on a separate computer. Production continues without interruption.
CFAlab presents all results for crimping in diagram form, allowing easy analysis and quick optimisation of CFA and CFA+ parameters. Production rejects are successfully reduced in the process. You can simulate different settings with the software. It delivers quick, straightforward results based on the previously collected data. Following successful optimisation, the parameters for the module are updated to boost production quality and throughput even further.

All recorded crimping results are presented clearly and saved in databases.
CFAlab is an effective tool for optimising your production.

Scope of use

CFAlab can read data out of all modules equipped with crimp force analysis CFA or CFA+. It is connected to the module over a serial interface. The software does a great job of optimising production lines of any size.