ACD Automatic Conductor Detector
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ACD Automatic Conductor Detector

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  • ACD Automatic Conductor Detector

    ACD Automatic Conductor Detector

ACD Automatic Conductor Detector 

  • Increase stripping quality
  • Detect strip quality issues early in the process
  • Fulfill increasing demands of the automotive industry for processing of copper and aluminum wires
  • Determine blade incision depth and wayback fully automatically

Highly precise fully automatic conductor detection satisfies the increasing demands placed on copper and aluminum stranded wires.


The quality requirements placed on wire processing are becoming higher all the time because of miniaturisation and new technologies. To satisfy one of the current automobile crimping standard for solder-free electric connections, Komax had to develop fully automatic conductor detection ACD. This function detects the slightest contact between blade and conductor strand during stripping, setup and production. Based on a capacitive measurement principle, the ACD is integrated in the blade holder and can be operated with standard-stripping blades. Its standard work range covers the spectrum of cross sections from 0.13 to 6 mm², any conductor length and stripping with full strip or partial strip. There are setup parameters to set the desired monitoring limit. Faulty conductor ends are detected and discarded automatically.


  • Cross section range from 0.13 to 6 mm²
  • For copper and aluminum stranded wires
  • Can be used for Alpha 355 / 355 S / 356 / 530 / 550, Zeta 640/650, Omega 740/750
  • Can not be used with Q1140