mci 765 C
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mci 765 C

Process Modules

  • mci 765 C Seals module

    mci 765 C Seals module

  • mci 765 C Seals module

    mci 765 C Seals module

  • mci 765 C Seals module

    mci 765 C Seals module

mci 765 C – Loading seals the intelligent way

  • SPM seal position monitoring
  • Automatic setup of the seal position
  • High degree of process control
  • Convenient operation
  • Allows use of existing applications
  • Compatible with a very broad range of seals and mini-seals

The mci 765 C seals module is an innovative device for the automatic loading of seals in all their customary variations, including mini-seals. Precision mechanics in combination with fully integrated seal position monitoring (SPM) ensure controlled processing. With its excellent accessibility, integrated visual seals monitoring and automatic setup of seal position, this device is the ideal module for the fully automatic crimping machines Alpha 355/355S/356/358/455/477/488, Gamma 263 and Zeta 633.


You can convert the seals module to other seal types in no time at all. Maximum flexibility is assured thanks to a compact design and good accessibility. You control the most important functions from one of the sealed keyboards installed on both sides.

A high-precision laser sensor measures the position of the seal on the cable. The seal position is set up automatically. The module is available for production immediately and monitors seal presence and position for each loading operation. Positioning is subsequently adjusted to compensate for material fluctuations. You can view the last 100 SPM images in the statistics. This allows you to evaluate overall production in dialog with TopWin.

The collecting tray under the seals drum ensures that the basis machine remains orderly and clean. The seals applications are modular in design and compatible with the Komax mci 761, mci 762, mci 765 seals modules and the bt 752 manual workstation.

mci 765 C Seals module


  • Application set for all common seals

mci 765 C Applikations-Set


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Seal data Maximum diameter 10mm (0.39in.)
Maximum length 11mm (0.43in.)
Loading output Approximately 4500pcs/h
Changeover times 2–5minutes
Communication  MCI (RS485) 
Electrical connection  180–230V 50/60Hz 
Pneumatic connection  5–8bar (72.25–116psi) 
Dimensions (W×H×D)  225×525×500mm (8.9×20.7×19.7in.) 
Weight  Approximately 28kg (62lb)