Komax 26

Komax 26

Marking Systems

  • Komax 26 Hot stamp marker

    Komax 26 Hot stamp marker

Komax 26 – Hot stamp marker

  • Minimal conversion times
  • Stamping wheels, foils and connection cables are compatible with those of the Komax 24
  • Adjustable foil advance
  • Key conversion procedures require no tools
  • Optional production table for convenient and precise repositioning of marker
  • New, economical marking wheels available at a reasonable price

The Komax 26 marker utilizes the proven and reliable operating method of hot stamping. This marker is designed for use on Komax base machines, but has a simple input signal for signal activation that also allows it to be connected to all common types of automatic wire processing machines.


No tools are required for key conversion procedures like changing the wire, the foil or the text. Stamping foils are in cartridges for easy exchange outside the Komax 26. Only two wire guides are required to mark wires with outside diameters ranging from 1.3 to 10mm. The specially developed twist guard reduces wear on the stamping wheels. It is possible to displace the position of the marker with the whole optional marker table or by the special rod on the table.


  • Foilcoilers
  • Spacer rings
  • Stamping foils
  • Wire guide for diameters ranging from 1.3 to 6mm
  • Production table Komax 250 with feet
  • Production table Komax 250 with roles
  • Various marking wheels
  • Various wire guides
  • Straightening station
  • Various connection cables
  • Accessory cassettes


Komax offer to you an optimal support by individual Service offers.

  • After-Sales Service
  • Production Assistance
  • Certified Training Courses
  • Feasibility Test
Power supply 230V, 50/60 Hz (115V, 50/60Hz)
Compressed air 5-8 bar; consumption approx. 0,5 l/cycle
Stamping temperature 50-200°C, continuously adjustable
Dimensions (WxHxD)  350x320x500mm 
Weight  18kg 
Wire outside diameters  1.3 bis 10mm 
Max. number of symbol wheels 2x16