Ulys SL/FL/V Modena Wire Identification Komax #1
Wire Identification

Ulys SL/FL/V Modena

The ULYS Modena laser cable marking range is ideal for medium and high production volumes. It offers scalability, modularity, and high performance at a competitive price.

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Ulys SL/FL/V Modena - Permanent, precise and secure cable marking

Permanent, precise and secure cable marking

The laser creates a safe, permanent and highly visible mark, eliminating any cable identification issues. Unlike hot stamping, UV laser marking carries no risk of cable alteration.

Ulys SL/FL/V Modena - Unmatched productivity

Unmatched productivity

The productivity gain allowed by the ULYS Modena is not only related to a high marking speed but also to a production optimization on both hardware and software.

Ulys SL/FL/V Modena - Multispool dereeler and automatic feeding system

Multispool dereeler and automatic feeding system

The ULYS Modena machines can be equipped with a multi-spool de-reeler capable of holding between 6 and 24 spools, as well as an automatic feeding system reducing wire waste.

Ulys SL/FL/V Modena - Rapidshare for kitting solution

Rapidshare for kitting solution

The RapidShare robot automates laser marked wire handling, offering flexible customization for processes like extremity labeling and wire bundling based on customer requirements.

Ulys SL/FL/V Modena - Low maintenance requirements

Low maintenance requirements

The ULYS Modena range is designed for minimal maintenance, with the operator's tasks limited to spool changes, production file selection, and cable collection.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
Ulys SL/FL/V Modena specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Wire length max.999000 mm
Electrical connection208-230 volts - 50-60 Hz – 20 A + 208-230 volts - 50-60 Hz – 32 A
Compressed-air connection6 bar
Length1720 mm
Width1450 mm
Height (with safety cover closed)1800 mm