MRO200 B/S/XS Wire Identification Komax #1
Wire Identification


The MRO200 B/S/XS is a UV laser wire marking machine, ideal for low to medium volume production with a perfect balance of efficiency, compactness, and cost-effectiveness.

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MRO200 B/S/XS - Clear, non-aggressive and permanent marking

Clear, non-aggressive and permanent marking

UV laser marking provides safe, permanent identification with high contrast on UV-markable cables. It prevents alteration and eliminates risks associated with hot stamping.

MRO200 B/S/XS - Reliable UV Laser Marking

Reliable UV Laser Marking

With over 20 years of field approval and hundreds of delivered machines, the MRO 200 has established itself as the leading UV laser marking machine in the market.

MRO200 B/S/XS - Boosting productivity and maximizing efficiency

Boosting productivity and maximizing efficiency

High marking speed, optimized production, and intuitive software enhance productivity. Easy wire setup and automatic font change significantly enhance the machine's output.

MRO200 B/S/XS - Easily adjustable with flexible upgrades

Easily adjustable with flexible upgrades

From the MRO 200-B to S or even XS, the machine offers seamless upgradability. With a higher marking speed, it effortlessly handles increased production volumes.

MRO200 B/S/XS - Limited need for maintenance

Limited need for maintenance

The system offers high availability without external adjustments or daily maintenance. Test menus, coupled with remote maintenance software, enable quick and reliable diagnosis.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
MRO200 B/S/XS specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Wire length max.999000 mm
Electrical connection220 AC (+/-10 VAC) – 20 A
Electrical connection (optional)208 V AC (+/-10 VAC) – Phase / Phase 20A
Compressed-air connection6 bar
Weight (approx.)330 kg
Length1560 mm