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Wire Identification

MRO200 Av/Bv

The MRO 200-Av and MRO 200-Bv are high-tech vector wire marking machines for harness manufacturing. The laser technology offers precise and efficient wire identification solutions.

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Precise, non-aggressive and permanent marking

UV laser marking ensures safe, permanent, high-contrast cable identification with zero risk of alteration. It guarantees a reliable UV-mark, eliminating any identification issues.

Versatile vector marking

Flexible vector marking solution of the MRO 200 Av/Bv includes ASCII characters, Code 39 barcode, and multiple fonts for diverse marking specifications.

Low operating costs

With no mask, no flash lamp and no water cooling, this solution offers lower operating costs. The MRO 200 vector marking machines require no consumables for the laser.

User friendly performance

Operating the machine only requires minimal training. The air-cooled and mask-less laser technology enhances user comfort by reducing noise levels and energy consumption.

Optimal machine uptime

High machine availability with no external adjustments or daily maintenance are possible. Test menus and remote software enable quick, reliable diagnosis.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
MRO200 Av/Bv specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Humidity, non-condensing< 80 %
Laser securityVector, Class I laser compliant with European (CE) and American (FDA) standards: suitable
LaserUV laser
Electrical connection220 AC (+/-10 VAC) – 20 A ou
Electrical connection (optional)208 V AC (+/-10 VAC) – Phase / Phase 20A