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Harness Manufacturing

Omega 745

In contrast to Omega 740/750, the Omega 745/755 machines are also equipped with a fully automatic conveyor system for depositing the wire harnesses.

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Additional functions such as automatic secondary locking

An individually developed tool automatically closes the secondary locking mechanism of the plug housing. The tool can be integrated as an additional function.

Uninterrupted production thanks to flexible housing track system

Up to four different housing types can be fed at the same time. This ensures the efficient loading and unloading of the housings and finished wire harnesses while the machine is running.

Monitoring of the insertion process using force sensors

The terminal housing is fed into a track. The insertion gripper monitors the insertion force and checks that the terminals are correctly locked.

Careful interim storage of wire harnesses before further production

The finished wire harnesses are collected in a custom-made track of any length until they are unloaded by the operator for further processing.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
Omega 745 specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Shortest wire length for one-sided processing240 mm
Shortest wire length, double-sided jumper connection300 mm
Shortest wire length, double-sided jumper connection max.540 mm
Shortest wire length, complex loading min.300 mm
Shortest wire length, complex loading max.760 mm
Wire length (standard tray) max.3000 mm