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Q1250 scalable

As a basic version, the scalable Q1250 module offers testing of the stripping as well as the crimp and seal. All quality features are comprehensively tested in the full package.

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Scalable digital wire end detection

The Q1250 offers appropriate crimp monitoring for every requirement. If the requirements change, the module can be easily upgraded with additional licences and/or the dome light.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
Q1250 scalable specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Camera coverage24 x 16 mm
Strip length with full or partial stripping max.18 mm
Restrictions on useCan be used in combination with a tinning module, on request. If the Q1250 is used together with a tinning module, a protective cover must be used.
Dimensions/width290 mm
Dimensions/length90 mm
Dimensions/height524 mm