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Wire Stripper

Mira CC/IO

Mira CC/IO is a variant of the Mira wire stripper, which can be easily integrated into large crimp-to-crimp wire processing machines due to its configuration. Available as Mira 340, Mira 440 and Mira 440 3B.


Automatic stripping on crimp-to-crimp machines

The Mira CC/IO variants allow for easy integration of the tried and true stripping machine into large wire processing machines.

Space-saving integration of the swivel arm

The Mira CC/IO can be integrated into your CC machine and takes up very little space. The swivel arm of your crimp-to-crimp wire processing machine can also easily access the Mira.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
Mira CC/IO specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Processing outside the specificationsProcessing outside the specifications upon request. In case of doubt, we will be happy to provide processing samples for your wires.