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Wire Stripper

Mira 440

The Miras 440 stripping machine is particularly suitable for processing multi-layer cables such as coaxial and triaxial cables as well as single-core and multi-core wires.

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Hand rest for better working

The Mira 440 ensures posture-friendly work thanks to the ergonomic hand rest and low-lying wire line.

Different processing types for many wire types

The Mira 440 enables assemblies of various wire types such as shielded multi-core cables, single wires with textile braiding, and coaxial cables.

Precise stripping of difficult wire types

Thanks to its sophisticated cutting technique, the Mira 440 lends itself to high-quality and smooth processing of coaxial, triaxial and hybrid cables.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
Mira 440 specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Strip lengths, full stripping max.40 mm
Strip lengths, partial stripping max.44 mm
Increment of strip length0.01 mm
BladeRotating flat blades
Wire outer diameter max.9 mm
Conductor diameter of coaxial cable min.0.15 mm