Wire Stripper

Mira 340 Q

The Mira 340 Q programmable wire stripper processes wires with an external diameter of up to 8 mm and a strip length of 72 mm, including electronic automatic conductor detector ACD.

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Precise stripping with a rotation cut

The rotation cut with 4X blades strips with greater precision and provides a smoother cutting surface than V blades.

Mira 340 Q with ACD incision monitoring

ACD detects and signals the slightest contact between the blade and conductor and is an important monitoring function, especially for difficult wires.

Easy article selection with barcode scanner

Selecting articles with barcode scanning not only saves time but also prevents errors that can occur during manual input.

Processing of a wide variety of wire types

The Mira 340 processes a wide range of wire types and sophisticated insulation, like tough Teflon®, flexible silicone, and fiber braiding.

Sharp stripping of wires and cables

The Mira 340 can also be used for multi-stage stripping with full and partial stripping, offset stripping, short cuts on multi-core or multi-layer wires.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
Mira 340 Q specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Wire outer diameter max.8 mm
Strip lengths, full stripping max.72 mm
Increment of strip length0.01 mm
Insertion depth with standard grippers min.15 mm
Number of entries in the article library3000
Number of entries in sequence library1000