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Through its business strategy, which is geared toward long-term success, the Komax Group aims to create sustainable value that will benefit its investors and shareholders.

Why invest in the Komax Group?

The pioneering Swiss market and technology leader

The Komax Group has been the market and technology leader in automated wire processing for many years and continues to strive for sustainable profitable growth. It is strategically well positioned to exploit the enormous automation potential and has therefore set itself ambitious targets for 2028.

Mid-term targets

Generate Value

The Komax Group is characterized by a strong equity base (equity ratio of above 50%) and high profitability. This solid foundation enables the Komax Group to systematically seize opportunities for the further development of the company. It also offers security in challenging times.

By 2028, the Komax Group aims to continuously increase the value of the company through profitable – non-linear – growth and has set itself the following targets:

Revenues of CHF 1.0–1.2 billion in 2028

By 2028, the Komax Group aims to be generating revenues of CHF 1.0–1.2 billion. The extent to which the lower end of this bandwidth can be exceeded will primarily depend on any acquisition activities, which will be focused on Asia and the optimization of the distribution and service network. With targeted annual average revenue growth of 6–9%, the Komax Group will be able to at least maintain its market share and possibly expand it further.

EBIT of CHF 120–160 million in 2028

The Komax Group has a broad portfolio of innovative solutions. In addition, the combination with Schleuniger and the optimizations of corporate processes (either planned or already implemented) will facilitate additional efficiency increases. Rising revenue figures and an advantageous product mix will enable the Komax Group to deliver disproportionately high increases in profitability.

It is therefore seeking to achieve EBIT of CHF 120–160 million for the 2028 fiscal year. Thanks to a business strategy that is geared toward long-term success, the Komax Group creates sustainable value that will benefit investors too.

Annual growth of 6–9%

Enormous automation potential

To achieve the targets set out in Strategy 2028, the Komax Group is aiming for annual average revenue growth of 6–9%. Global cross-industry megatrends and developments in the Komax Group’s main market, the automotive industry, are increasing demand for automation solutions and thus accelerating the Komax Group’s growth.

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Growth drivers of the Komax Group

The automation trend is the key growth driver, accounting for some 5–6%. The increasing number of vehicles manufactured contributes a further 1–3% to growth.

We are looking at an Eldorado scenario in automation. Through the combination with Schleuniger, we have established a market position from which we will be able to best exploit the opportunities that arise in the coming five years and beyond.
—  Matijas Meyer, CEO Komax Group

Enormous automation potential

Wire processing is currently no more than 20% automated. 80% of wire processing continues to be done manually, which is increasingly becoming less cost-efficient. In addition, there is still a significant amount of optimization potential in the work already carried out by machines. Due to time-intensive setup and changeover processes, which are becoming more common due to the persistent decline in batch sizes, the wire processing machines of customers can be inactive for as much as half of the working day. The overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) amounts to just 50%, resulting in a total automation potential of 90%, which the Komax Group intends to harness over the long term.

Strategy 2028

Four key strategic priorities

In order to achieve its set targets, the Komax Group must grow faster than the market. To this end, the Board of Directors has approved four key strategic priorities for market development.

In addition, two strategic initiatives address issues that are important to the attainment of profitability targets and the financing of growth: Scale Komax and Schleuniger, and Lean and Excellent, Digital Transformation. The overall picture is complemented by the ESG strategic initiative, which forms a framework for sustainable action by the Komax Group.

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High innovative power

Broadest product portfolio

The Komax Group produces innovative, high-quality automation and quality assurance solutions along its customers’ value chain in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. It has the broadest product portfolio on the market, which increasingly consists of digital solutions in addition to serial products, customized systems and testing systems.

It generates around 75% of its sales with cable assemblers in the automotive industry. The two other market segments addressed – Aerospace & Railway and Industrial & Infrastructure – offer synergy potential with the business in the its automotive core market.

Market-leading in automated wire processing, the Komax Group is highly innovative. To give its customers a competitive edge and thereby secure the Komax Group’s long-term business success, it continuously brings innovations to the market. For that reason, the Komax Group channels some 8–9% of its revenues into research & development every year.

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Global customer proximity

Unique service and distribution network

The Komax Group has a broadly diversified customer portfolio. This includes global key accounts in the supplier sector as well as countless small and medium-sized companies. It provides sales and service support via subsidiaries and independent agents in over 60 countries. With its unique sales and service network, the Komax Group is close to both its local and global customers and can provide them with efficient and competent support at all times.

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