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Get together@Komax: Camaraderie, enjoyment … barbecue chat!

Inside Komax

Standing together at the barbecue, drinking a cold beer and chatting – it connects people like hardly anything else. That’s why the get together@Komax on September 29, 2022 was a hearty grill party. After five successful events in a row, it’s become clear: The series is to be continued. 

Many Komax colleagues took part in the get together@Komax at the end of September to enjoy fine food from the grill and to socialize with their colleagues. "Management is aware that social contact is extremely important to employees. That's why we launched these get together events after everyone was forced to work from home due to the pandemic," declared Marc Schürmann, Managing Director of Komax AG. The importance that he and the other members of management place on social interaction was also demonstrated by their dedicated efforts at the buffet.

Komax employees have already met five times for a get together@Komax on the terrace of the new building in Dierikon. Between 160 and 250 people took part each time, and the numbers are increasing. The pizza event at the beginning of June, when a mobile stone oven created an Italian feeling on the terrace, attracted the most guests.

2022 will be topped off by a get together at the end of November. The series of events is to be continued in 2023. The culinary delights change seasonally, but the sense of community will remain – as will the first-rate service at the buffet. "We're already looking forward to the next event," noted Franco Viggiano, Head of Profit Center CC, while passing a freshly grilled sausage.


Luana RigoProduct Manager

Luana Rigo ist seit Mai 2022 als Management Assistant Wire Processing tätig. In dieser Funktion ist sie neu für die Organisation der Get together@Komax-Anlässe verantwortlich.

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