There is enormous growth potential for the Komax Group in the markets for automated wire processing. Long-term megatrends such as electro-mobility and autonomous driving along with growth drivers such as miniaturization, rising wage costs, and a shortage of specialist personnel offer numerous opportunities.

What’s more, the further automation of processes along the value chain and of digital services can significantly improve the efficiency of the machinery bases customers already have installed. In order to exploit these opportunities and offer its customers innovative solutions on an ongoing basis, the Komax Group has for many years been investing above-average sums in new developments, the optimization of the existing portfolio, and the expansion of its service spectrum.

10.5% of 2023 revenues invested in research and development

In 2023, the Komax Group invested a total of CHF 78.6 million or 10.5% (2022: CHF 59.0 million or 9.7%) of revenues in research and development. This amount comprises both investment in internal development services (CHF 67.4 million) and in the development services of third parties (CHF 11.2 million).

¹ Excluding one-time effect on renenues.
² The Schleuniger Group was consolidated as of 1 September 2022. Accordingly, four months of Schleuniger’s R&D expenditure are included in the financial year 2022.

Bundling of skills and overhaul of product portfolio

As part of the integration of the Schleuniger Group into the Komax Group, the heavily expanded product portfolio as well as all development projects were subjected to analysis in the reporting year. This focused on areas where there is overlap and how the different skills of both companies can be optimally exploited. Moreover, progress already made in ongoing projects was amalgamated in 2023. The key strategic objectives of Komax and Schleuniger are now the further bundling of skills and resources in research and development, as well as the overhaul and optimization of the product portfolio.

Integration processes of this kind will have the effect of improving innovative strength and efficiency significantly, while at the same time freeing up capacity. The competitiveness of the Komax Group will be elevated to a new level in the longer term. This will enable the company to offer technologically leading products and services on an ongoing basis, increase the efficiency and reliability of customer processes, and thereby create additional competitive advantages for these customers.

Together with Schleuniger we possess a degree of innovative strength that is unique in the market, which we use to support our customers with new products and services to facilitate the ongoing increase in the level of automation.
—  Matijas Meyer, CEO Komax Group

The networked factory

The trend towards digitalization is in full swing, particularly in the automotive industry. More digitalization also means more data, more electrification, and more wiring and cabling. This is good for the business of the Komax Group, but presents its customers with growing challenges.

Customers of the Komax Group have to deliver consistently high quality and reliability despite rising complexity and higher personnel expenses, while the same time keeping costs as low as possible. The Komax Group helps them to meet these growing challenges. Specifically, the Komax Group has developed a vision for how wire manufacturing can be optimized in the future – the SMART FACTORY by KOMAX.


The SMART FACTORY by KOMAX is our vision of wire manufacturing in the future. With five components, it will offer customers intelligent products and solutions that will significantly increase the quality and productivity of wire processing.


Greater productivity and flexibility for customers

When developing new products and services, the Komax Group focuses on the optimization of various value chains. With its solutions, the Komax Group can increase the degree of automation of its customers, which in turn has the effect of increasing their productivity and flexibility, while at the same time maintaining quality right from the outset. More on this in the PDF below.

Actively driving forward industry trends

The Komax Group strives to actively shape key developments in its three market segments and thereby advance automation further. To this end, it partners with other leading companies in various organizations and initiatives.

Examples of current product innovations

Thanks to its targeted investment in research and development, the Komax Group succeeds in bringing a variety of new products, product enhancements, and services to market every year. It demonstrated its technological leadership in 2023, unveiling numerous new products at various trade fairs. Some examples:

In the 2023 financial year, the Komax Group continuously rolled out innovations, presenting the numerous solutions of the Komax, Schleuniger, adaptronic, Cirris, DiIT, and WUSTEC brands simultaneously in Munich, Nuremberg, and Grafenau. Customers of the Komax Group will be able to benefit from this increase in innovative strength with further new products over the coming years.