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Crimp to Crimp

Alpha 520

Optimized for high mix production, the Alpha 520 is ideal for customers producing various batch sizes and a wide range of wire lengths, cross sections, and end designs.

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Versatile thanks to an enormous range of applications

Whether small or very large quantities, delicate, coarse or very short cables, with the multitalented Alpha 520 you are ideally equipped for every challenge.

Simple operation and efficient use guaranteed

The intuitive control system enables the operator to produce a wide variety of jobs with minimal training. The optimized operating concept ensures even more efficient and safe setup.

An investment that ensures your success for years to come

Durable design, spare parts availability and flexible technology ensure sustainable profitability. With Komax Services, customers can maximize their return on investment even further.

Promote automation now and in the future

The modular platform and modern basic software of the Alpha 520 make it easy to integrate future automation technologies and network solutions.

High-level quality

With unique quality controls and standardized processes, the Alpha 520 offers fully automated and precise processes that help you ensure the reliability and quality of your products.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
Alpha 520 specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Wire cross section (optional) min.0.05 mm²
Wire cross section min.0.13 mm²
Wire cross section max.6 mm²
Wire length, single-sided processing min.20 mm
Wire length, processing on both sides min.20 mm
Wire length, processing on both sides (optional from) min.20 mm