Annual Report 2023


Shareholders’ letter

Significant increase in revenues

The long-term trend toward automation is intact, and – with its Strategy 2028 – the Komax Group is ready to harness the opportunities that present themselves and secure further profitable growth.

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Key Figures 2023

Growth in challenging market environment

More key figures

million revenues in CHF¹

2022: 606 million

million EBIT in CHF²

2022: 72 million

basic earnings per share in CHF

2022: 12.11

% equity ratio

2022: 53.2%

employees as of 31.12.2023

31.12.2022: 3,390 employees

tCO₂e emissions per CHF 1 million revenues (Scope 1 and Scope 2, market-based)

2022: 7.01

¹ Excluding one-time effect (CHF +10.9 million).
² Excluding one-time effects (CHF +5.0 million).


A conversation with Chairman and CEO

Very good progress with the integration of Schleuniger

“The top priority was not to lose any customers. We achieved that. Last year already, we managed to optimize almost the entire distribution network, which was an important factor in this.” Matijas Meyer, CEO

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Creating together

Trust-based customer relationships

Long-standing partnership with Turkish automotive supplier Nursan

“The Komax Group’s solutions for automated wire processing provide us with advantages such as enhanced speed, precision, cost reduction, continuous production, improved safety, flexibility, and data analysis capabilities. They ensure consistent quality and scalability for large-scale production, while minimizing human fatigue.” ⁠⁠Ahmet Arslan, Deputy General Manager at Nursan

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Numerous innovation projects driven forward

In 2022, the Komax Group invested a total of CHF 59.0 million or 9.7% of revenues in the development of new products and the optimization of existing ones. Innovations are of the utmost strategic importance for the Komax Group. The combination with Schleuniger is now opening up further avenues of opportunity.

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Sustainable, social, and responsible

ESG – an integral component of Strategy 2028

With the new Strategy 2028, the Komax Group is embedding ESG topics even more consistently in its business processes. As part of this, it has defined three focus areas – Fairness, Responsibility, and Climate Protection – with which it intends to concentrate in particular on its customers, employees, suppliers, and the planet. In 2023, the company defined 13 ESG goals and published an ESG report in accordance with the GRI standard.

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