Mid-term targets

Mid-term targets

The Komax Group is distinguished by its robust equity base and strong profitability. This solid foundation enables Komax to systematically pursue opportunities to develop the company further. As an additional benefit, it offers security in challenging times.

For the current strategy period, Komax has set itself ambitious targets for growth and profitability. Given IHS Markit’s current assessment of developments in the automotive market over the next few years, the Board of Directors has decided to adapt the mid-term targets (2017–2021) and define a new time horizon – 2023. Up to 2023 the following targets are in place:

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The targeted revenues figure of CHF 450–550 million by 2023 is to be achieved mainly through organic growth. Komax is expecting two factors to contribute to annual market growth of 3%–5% from 2021 onwards: the annual increase in the number of vehicles produced globally (CAGR: 1%–2%) and the steady rise in the degree of automation in wire processing (CAGR: 2%–3%). Komax is expecting to generate annual organic revenue growth at least in line with the growth of the market.

Komax has the broadest portfolio of solutions, and benefits from its global presence in growth phases. Rising revenue figures and an advantageous product mix enable Komax to deliver disproportionately high increases in profitability. It is seeking to achieve EBIT of CHF 50–80 million by 2023.

Thanks to a business strategy that is geared to long-term success, Komax creates sustainable value that benefits investors too. Komax remains committed to its payout ratio and has thus set itself the target of distributing 50%–60% of Group profit after taxes (EAT) to its shareholders every year until 2023.