Business Model and Strategy
40 years cutting edge

Business Model and Strategy

Developing solutions for automated wire processing in four market segments is Komax’s strength. Here Komax is a pioneer, as well as a market and technology leader, and is looking to further consolidate this leading global position. To this end, it pursues four key strategic priorities. Above-average profitability and further sustainable growth are important objectives here. This goes hand in hand with environmentally conscious, socially aware, and responsible conduct towards all stakeholder groups.

Komax specializes in innovative solutions for all wire processing applications and for the testing of wire harnesses. The emphasis is on processes such as measuring, cutting, stripping, crimping, taping wires,block loading, and testing wire harnesses. Komax offers its customers fully automated and semi-automated serial production models as well as customer-specific systems (for all degrees of automation and individualization), which optimize processes while at the same time increasing productivity. These are supplemented by an extensive range of quality assurance modules, testing devices and networking solutions for the reliable and efficient production of wire harnesses. Solutions that increase the availability of installed systems and test their productivity also form part of the range, as does intelligent software. All of this gives Komax’s customers the ideal armory with which to consolidate and increase their competitive advantage.

Key strategic priorities

Targets 2017–2021