40 years cutting edge


Kabatec is a leading technology company headquartered in Burghaun (Germany) that specializes in taping, spot taping and fixing of holding parts to wire harnesses. Founded in 2008, its core expertise involves the development and production of semi and fully automatic machines for processing adhesive and non-adhesive tapes.

Kabatec is a global market leader in the field of taping technology systems. It mainly serves customers in the automotive supply industry, offering them both series production machines and customized systems for efficient, cost-effective taping and spot taping of different wire types. Kabatec solutions are consistently aimed at meeting the requirements of today's wire harnesses. Specifically: protection against heat and mechanical abrasion from vibrations, as well as resistance to chemicals such as gasoline, diesel, oil, coolants and detergents. What's more, the tapes used for taping and spot taping can also be used for noise reduction (anti-rattle protection).

Kabatec employs around 70 people and has been part of Komax since July 2016. The two companies had enjoyed a strategic partnership for several years prior to that.