Komax Group to focus on the Komax brand

Komax Group to focus on the Komax brand

A rebranding process is under way in the Komax Group and will run until October: the Artos, Exmore, Kabatec, Laselec, Thonauer and TSK brands are being transformed into Komax. The websites of these companies will remain online for the time being.

Following various acquisitions over the past few years, the Komax Group has developed into a provider of solutions and services along the entire value chain. It is present in the market with seven brands: Komax, Artos, Exmore, Kabatec, Laselec, Thonauer, and TSK. The companies and innovative products behind these brands have increasingly converged over recent years, complementing each other optimally. In order to accentuate this development even more, in future the Komax Group will focus on the strong, globally established Komax brand. 

From October 2022, Komax is the only one of the seven current brands that will remain in existence. The new brand strategy will not impact the organizational structure of the Komax Group. All of the approximately 40 companies worldwide will continue to operate, employing more than 2,100 people and meeting the needs of their customers with their proven products and services. What changes at various companies are the company name (e.g., from TSK Tunisia to Komax Testing Tunisia) and the visual presence with the "new brand" Komax for them.

In addition to the rebranding, the Komax Group is working on a new online platform, in which the former Artos, Exmore, Kabatec, Laselec, Thonauer, and TSK websites will be integrated. As this integration will only take place during the course of 2023, the products and services of these companies can still be found at:

Artos www.artosengineering.com
Exmore www.exmore.com
Kabatec www.kabatec.com
Laselec www.laselec.com
Thonauer www.thonauer.com
TSK www.t-s-k.de