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Invest in Komax

Through its business strategy, which is geared toward long-term success, the Komax Group aims to create sustainable value that will benefit its investors and shareholders.

Why invest in the Komax Group?

The pioneering Swiss market and technology leader

Komax key success factors

Five key success factors

The Komax Group is a globally active technology group that is a pioneer and market and technology leader in automated wire processing. It has a highly diversified customer portfolio with innovative, high-quality automation solutions. The Komax Group's starting position is promising: it has numerous strengths and differentiating features that can be summarized in five thematic areas.

Strategy 2028

Predictablility through focus

Four key strategic priorities

In order to achieve its set targets, the Komax Group must grow faster than the market. To this end, the Board of Directors has approved four key strategic priorities for market development:

In addition, two strategic initiatives address issues that are important to the attainment of profitability targets and the financing of growth: Scale Komax and Schleuniger, and Lean and Excellent, Digital Transformation. The overall picture is complemented by the ESG strategic initiative, which forms a framework for sustainable action by the Komax Group.

Growing demand for automation solutions in automotive

The Komax Group’s main focus is on the wire-processing business in the automotive market segment, which accounts for some 75% of revenues. This is by far the world’s largest wire processing market: Around 60% of all wires processed are used in the automotive industry – and a large proportion of wire harness production is still done by hand today. In addition, the current megatrends in the mobility sector support the Komax Group’s growth-oriented business model.

The global megatrends of safety, environmental awareness, affordable vehicles, and connected vehicles will be key drivers of the ongoing rise in demand for automation solutions in the medium and long term. Key factors driving the Komax Group’s growth include:

  • The number of vehicles produced is rising steadily.
  • The number of wires used in individual vehicles is rising (electrification).
  • The need for automation solutions in wire processing is rising in-line with the growing complexity of vehicle electric systems, while quality and efficiency demands.
    are likewise increasing. Seamless traceability is becoming ever more important. The drive towards miniaturization is inexorable, and both, costs and the shortage of specialist labour are on the rise.
  • The massive shift in the automotive industry (electro-mobility and autonomous driving) is leading to the development of new types of wire, which requires innovation and offers opportunities for unique selling points.
  • Automotive manufacturers are working on simplifying the wire harness, which will enable significantly higher automation in processing.

Active in two other markets: Aerospace & Railway and Industrial & Infrastructure.

Active in two other markets: Aerospace & Railway and Industrial & Infrastructure.

Active in two other markets

While the Komax Group does not have a diversification strategy, it does focus on two additional markets in addition to the core automotive market: Aerospace & Railway, and Industrial & Infrastructure, which will approach the Automotive market in the long run. In their different ways, these markets offer synergy potential with the company’s existing business in the core automotive segment. The technologies developed by the Komax Group for these markets should also be of value in the core automotive market.

Market leader

Robust because of market leadership

Leading with a diversified customer portfolio

Market and technology leadership in automation solutions for the wire-processing industry strengthens resistance to competitors. The Komax Group has a broadly diversified customer portfolio. This includes global key accounts in the supplier sector as well as numerous small and medium-sized enterprises. The Komax Group has a global footprint and is therefore represented in the most important regional markets.

With its products and services, the Komax Group is also able to map the entire value chain and support customers with appropriate solutions. This includes a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) precisely tailored to the requirements of wire harness production. This allows customers to plan, manage, monitor and analyze all resources and production processes automatically and across all production sites.

Brand strength

Focus on innovation and uniqueness

Profitable through differentiation and brand strength

The Komax brand stands for competence, quality, and functionality, and represents the company as a reliable and enthusiastic partner and a pioneer for a shared voyage of discovery with its stakeholder groups. The Komax Group pursues a multi-brand strategy. In addition to the Komax brand, the portfolio also includes the product brands Schleuniger, adaptronic, Cirris, DiIT, and (since 2023) WUSTEC. The Lintech brand of the newly acquired distribution organization Alcava SAS has likewise been part of the Komax Group since 2023.

Technology leadership and digital transformation

The ability to innovate is a crucial pillar of a market leader like the Komax Group. The company has therefore been investing in innovations to optimize its existing product range, as well as in new developments, for many years. Every year, the Komax Group channels some 8–9% of revenues into research and development. Its goal is to develop differentiating, innovative products and solutions for its customers. The bottom line here is to give customers an additional competitive edge by making their processes safer and more efficient.

⁠Digital transformation is of major strategic importance for the Komax Group, and is the target of significant investment. These investments will pay off in the medium and long term, securing both profitability and technology leadership.

Leading Swiss quality

The very highest quality standards have been the bedrock of the Komax Group’s success. Our products are reliable, long-lasting and allow customers to manufacture their products with precision and consistently high quality. This is a clear advantage over manual production. We take our promise to offer our customers this quality on a lasting basis, with no interruptions very seriously.

Global customer proximity

The Komax Group has 30 engineering and production sites across the continents of Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa, at which around 3,500 employees produce standardized products, customer-specific systems, and testing systems.

With its unique sales and service network, the Komax Group can always provide efficient and competent support to its locally and globally active customers.

The Komax Group is keen to ensure customer proximity at all times, offering outstanding service together with the shortest possible response and delivery times. The company possesses the necessary flexibility to adjust, even when customers relocate. This explains why the Komax Group strives to expand its global reach in a targeted way – be it through acquisitions or the opening of new locations.

⁠With its many decades of experience and close relationships, the company knows exactly what its customers need. As it has the broadest portfolio of solutions in the market, the Komax Group can approach different customer needs in a pinpointed way in order to sustainably increase the degree of automation for its customers.

The Komax Group’s offering covers the most capital-intensive and critical processes of customer value chains. As a result, customers obtain solutions for their key wire processing applications from a single source. This approach is unique in the world.

Financial stability


The Komax Group is characterized by a strong equity base (equity ratio of above 50%) and high profitability. This solid foundation enables the Komax Group to systematically seize opportunities for the further development of the company. It also offers security in challenging times.

Mid-term targets

Generate Value

The Komax Group wants to increase its value on an ongoing basis through profitable growth. It has therefore set itself ambitious targets for growth and profitability by 2028.

Revenues of CHF 1.0–1.2 billion in 2028

By 2028, the Komax Group aims to be generating revenues of CHF 1.0–1.2 billion. The extent to which the lower end of this bandwidth can be exceeded will primarily depend on any acquisition activities, which will be focused on Asia and the optimization of the distribution and service network. With targeted annual average revenue growth of 6–9%, the Komax Group will be able to at least maintain its market share and possibly expand it further.

EBIT of CHF 120–160 million in 2028

The Komax Group has a broad portfolio of innovative solutions. In addition, the combination with Schleuniger and the optimizations of corporate processes (either planned or already implemented) will facilitate additional efficiency increases. Rising revenue figures and an advantageous product mix will enable the Komax Group to deliver disproportionately high increases in profitability.

It is therefore seeking to achieve EBIT of CHF 120–160 million for the 2028 fiscal year. Thanks to a business strategy that is geared toward long-term success, the Komax Group creates sustainable value that will benefit investors too.