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The new Machine Dashboard: Komax HMI, radically customized

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With the Machine Dashboard, we are adding an essential capability to our Komax HMI operating software. Starting now, the popular user interface can be customized without restrictions. 

Key insights

  • With the Machine Dashboard, Komax HMI can be quickly and easily customized with customer-specific information and functions.

  • Experience has shown that additional input fields for the manual entry of job data cut the input time in half.

  • Interactive functions for job optimization support the user, as well as the overviews of selected process parameters and article specifications.

  • All in all, the Machine Dashboard supports the user with additional information and enables optimal integration of the machine into operational processes.

For three years now, the Komax HMI operating software has been convincing users with its increased efficiency and ability to meet the most stringent quality requirements, especially because it guides the operator step by step through work processes. Based on feedback from our customers, we continuously improve, optimize and expand Komax HMI. The latest milestone is the Machine Dashboard. With this software extension, the standard user interface can be easily customized with new features and tailored to individual customer needs almost without restriction.

Optimally structured information and input fields

For the development of the Machine Dashboard, we analyzed typical operating situations. In what situation in the production process does the user need what information? Which input fields need to be linked to save time? How can unnecessary clicks and the need to switch from one view to another be avoided?

The objective was to optimally support individual operational requirements while significantly increasing the ease of use. Overall, the aim was to measurably increase productivity while significantly reducing the time spent on routine tasks. To achieve this, we move the hierarchical data logic into the background where necessary. Instead, we present the input fields and monitoring functions in the Machine Dashboard as the users need them for their particular tasks. The rest runs automatically in the background.

Here, the Machine Dashboard (to the right of the Komax HMI user interface) shows the input fields for specifying production jobs. The selection and arrangement of the fields corresponds to the specifications of the production planning and the customer-specific workflows.

Cutting input times in half

We have implemented customized input screens in the Machine Dashboard for several projects. As a result, the user does no longer have to follow the hierarchical logic of Komax HMI to manually enter a job. The input fields call for exactly the same information as the user receives from the manufacturing execution system (MES). This allows the user to enter and check all specifications on a single page before adding the job to the job list in Komax HMI.

In this way, the Machine Dashboard shortens the cumbersome manual job entry processes significantly. According to feedback from customers, the alternative input method typically cuts the input times for job entry in half.

Far greater transparency in the output

During production, the Machine Dashboard can automatically switch the display to present additional information, such as the status of quality verifications and ongoing material consumption, to facilitate material management.

Even before production, it can help increasing the productivity by displaying performance-related settings and pointing out process settings that will slow the production down unnecessarily. Furthermore, the Machine Dashboard can also suggest changes to the production sequence of jobs to minimize the number of material changes.

Yet another option presents all quality monitoring settings on one page. This complete overview of all relevant parameters and the control option before the start of production ensure optimal process reliability.

Here, the Machine Dashboard (to the right of the Komax HMI user interface) shows the status and measured values of the process verification as well as the current material consumption of the production process. If required, further production results can be displayed or graphically represented.

Measurable efficiency gains

The flexible solutions of the Machine Dashboard support the integration of the machine into the operational processes and result in measurable efficiency gains. But that’s not all.

In addition to saving time, it also effectively eliminates sources of errors, for example by clearly displaying all input values for parts, articles and jobs on a single page for manual job entry. In this way, errors and deviations from the specifications can be detected immediately. In the standard Komax HMI user interface, the user would have to call up the display of the respective parts individually to do this.

Customized programming by Komax 

Starting with Komax HMI 1.7 and with the corresponding license, the software package includes the functional basics for the Machine Dashboard. Building on that basis, the programmers in Komax’s international team of developers then implement the customizations according to the customers’ specification. Alternatively, we offer a number of standard applications for the Machine Dashboard which can be purchased and used off the shelf. Incidentally, the programmed functions are not tied to a specific version of Komax HMI, but will in most cases be compatible with newer software versions and run without any adjustments.

Here, the Machine Dashboard (to the right of the Komax HMI user interface) shows the quality performance of a process. There are also the settings that have the greatest impact on the production performance of the machine: Speed and acceleration, special processes, optimizations and wait times.

We determine your needs together with you

Your path to a customized Machine Dashboard starts with your Komax Account Manager or representative. Together with you, they determine the specific information needs for your operational processes. In this way, you too can quickly and easily achieve a dashboard that is uncompromisingly geared to your needs and boosting efficiency in your particular situation.

As a market leader and innovation driver, we develop our solutions in close cooperation with customers according to their current and future needs. The customization of Komax HMI is another big step towards making you even more productive and competitive.

Also works perfectly with an MES

Does the Machine Dashboard also yield benefits with digital solutions such as an MES? Absolutely! The benefits are enormous, as initial customer experience has shown. We will report on this soon in another article.

Your opinion is important to us!

What information or features would the Machine Dashboard need to include for you? We are looking forward to your input and the discussion with you.


Patrick BritschgiProduct Group Manager

Responsible for the worldwide roll-out of Komax HMI.

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