SMART FACTORY by KOMAX, in focus at WirePro Expo Shanghai

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Intelligent production simulations, the most innovative technologies, a forum of technical experts and numerous specialist presentations were at the heart of the action at the first WirePro Expo in Shanghai. With 12 exhibitors on 4,800 square meters of exhibition space and more than 1,200 visitors over the three days of the trade fair, the Komax Shanghai team has an extremely successful event to look back on. But we'll let you judge how successful it was for yourself based on the many satisfied faces here on Komax Stories.

The Komax Shanghai team welcomed exactly 1,264 visitors to the first WirePro Expo in China’s most important industrial city. A total of 12 exhibitors, including industry-leading providers of software and platform services, demonstrated innovative technologies in the value chain of wire manufacturers over a total area of 4,800 square meters.

At the WirePro Expo in Shanghai, the vision of SMART FACTORY by KOMAX, was experienced for the first time on the Chinese market, in the form of a smart production simulation. SMART FACTORY by KOMAX is distinguished by five components – no operator influence, self-optimizing factory, self-service boutique, on-demand service and real-time quality audits – with which the KOMAX Group wants to raise the quality, productivity and flexibility of wire processing to a new level. In addition to the Alpha 550 fully automatic crimping machine, Komax Shanghai also also presented its local products to customers: The Gamma 448, with its latest customer-specific applications, the tried-and-tested semi-automatic twisting machine Bt88F as well as various high-voltage wire processing solutions. And alongside partners such as Schunk, the Schleuniger Group was not about to miss out on the WirePro Expo: The new B300 stripping machine and the new 8100 low-voltage test device from Cirris were presented on the Asian market for the first time, but the CoaxCenter 6000, which enables fully automatic processing of microcoaxial and coaxial cables as well as single-conductor wires, was also an eye-catcher.

Expert forums in a special atmosphere 

Visitors to the WirePro Expo were offered numerous networking and information opportunities in addition to the impressive products and services, light shows and culinary delicacies: Highlights included a technical expert forum, an open communication area for relaxed conversations among industry colleagues, 19 technical presentations in the technology arena, and countless areas for insider meetings on current automation and digitalization topics in the local market with managers, experts, and innovators. The results: A complete success for the organization team and the participants. But since pictures often say more than a thousand words, we will give you a chance to convince yourself of the success of the first WirePro Expo in Shanghai based on the many satisfied faces seen here.



Lucy MaoMarketing Specialist │Komax Shanghai

Lucy Mao joined Komax Shanghai in July 2017 and has since been responsible for marketing and communications projects. She brings more than 10 years of experience in PR and external event management and holds a degree in Business English.

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