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Schleuniger Strip Series: Efficient, reliable and high-precision

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With the models from the Strip Series, the Schleuniger Group has presented five new wire stripping machines over the past few years and set the pace on the market. The models from the B-series for conventional wires and coaxial cables are efficient, reliable and offer high precision, flexibility and user-friendly function. Product Manager Roger Jun Balthasar and Product Designer Burim Selimi provide information on the new models and outline the advantages they offer for customers.

Whether it's the B340 for varied strand applications or the B540 for processing coaxial cables. The five new wire stripping machines from the Strip Series have one thing in common: They fulfil the desire for efficient, reliable and economical solutions and are characterized by high precision, flexibility and user-friendly function. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, they guarantee optimal process control and quality assurance. "With the machines from our B-Series, we can serve two customer groups: Those with small batch sizes and high variability and those with high volumes requiring automated system solutions and who are tied to a specific processing method. The machines from our B-Series are compact and can therefore be integrated easily as a module into automated systems. And they also offer easy operation thanks to the optional automation interface", explains the responsible Product Manager Roger Jun Balthasar. The new wire stripping machines require no specific knowledge on the part of the operator. "The machine is the specialist. The operator tells the machine what it wants and the machine does it. With the correct parameters and in the correct sequence, completely without additional input from the personnel.»

"With the models from the Strip Series, we offer a wide range of unique functions that are extremely helpful in everyday use. For example, flexible wires often have to be stripped long, which is practically impossible with alternative machine solutions. Because we are aware of this, we have developed a practical and partially automated solution with the automatic wire draw-in, which can be activated extremely easily and allows our customers to process even these types of application extremely easily", explains Balthasar.

⁠A model for all requirements
With the B-Series models, no blade changes are required for any processible cables and mechanical adjustments during cable changes are also no longer necessary. "Almost all movable axes are programmable and the cutting mechanism is designed so that we configure the largest possible diameter range exclusively via the user interface. The blade material and cutting angle are also designed to ensure that we can process even extremely challenging materials and layers reliably in perfect quality", states Balthasar.

The models from the Strip Series have different specifications; customers can choose between different machine solutions based on the cable type and application. "Depending on the model, the B-Series machines offer our customers significantly broader application dimensions and a much improved, i.e. simplified, programming. Combined with the price, this added value helps to achieve extremely economical production", continues Balthasar. The B300 or B340 is therefore the optimal solution for single strand wires and multi-conductor cables. Both are extremely flexible in terms of use and cover a wide range of applications. "The compact B300 uses the traditional V-blade concept and is our basic model for simple applications. The slightly larger B340 uses rotating X-blades. There are advantages to both solutions: Extremely thin-walled insulations can be processed more efficiently with the rotating X-blades. V-blades, on the other hand, are perfect for shortening wires.» Customers can choose between three new machine models for coaxial cables, each with different diameter ranges, number of blades and possible stripping lengths. All models from the B-Series do share the same user interface, however.

⁠Development with customers and operators
"Our B-Series machines were developed based on decades of experience. We have optimized the parameters down to the smallest detail and have developed a precise understanding of the reality, requirements and wishes on the customer side thorough close cooperation with them", continues Balthasar. "We visited our customers on-site and observed the environment the machine operators work in and the challenges they face every day, for example. We simplified the user interface and functions based on these findings so that operators require no specific knowledge to carry out the work." Result: Training requirements are cut to practically zero, operator errors are reduced and quality is increased.

Product Designer Burim Selimi confirms: "In addition to the unique, modern design of our machines, there is also no comparable product in our industry in terms of user interface and production quality. It was important to us to incorporate customer feedback collected over the past few years, to improve minor operating errors or inaccuracies in terms of quality from the old generation, and to incorporate the findings into the new models". The experiences of customers and machine operators provided deep and important insights during the development of the new operating concept in particular. "The most effective way to find out which operating strategy is best is to ask customers and operators and to carry out joint tests. This development approach may be time-consuming, but it is essential", continues Selimi. The models from the Schleuniger Strip Series therefore offer intuitive menu guidance, highly efficient and, thanks to animations, easy to understand workflows, and an improved cable display. The extremely flexible application means that the B-Series models are in use in a wide range of industry segments "and stand for Schleuniger precision and sophisticated Swiss quality all over the world", Selimi concludes.

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Burim SelimiPrincipal Group Product Designer

Burim Selimi has been working for the Schleuniger Group since 2019 and has been a Principal Group Product Designer since 2022. He is responsible for groupwide industrial design and the UI/UX design of Schleuniger machines.

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